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Quilting For an edge to edge pattern, an allover pattern, I have 3 price levels depending on the pattern chosen. I do have a minimum charge of $50.00 for quilting. To figure the cost to quilt your quilt, for the quilting alone, multiply the length times the width of your quilt times the price level that the pattern refers to in the pattern file. Price level A is .0165 per square inch, level B is .02 per square inch, level C is .0225 per square inch and level D is THE SAME AS LEVEL C!. An example would be a 90"X72" quilt would be 90 times 72 equals 6480 and then multiply that times .0165 and that equals $106.92. for level A pricing.

Thread is charged per size of quilt ranging from a minimum of $3.00 to $5.00 for one color. Specialty threads such as variegated threads are a bit higher in price.
Polyester, cotton and cotton/poly blends are available in low lofts. Prices will be quoted at the time of order. You may also supply the batting of your choice to use. The lower loft batts work well with the machine quilting.
I will charge 5 cents per linear inch to attach the binding that you have made, to the front of the quilt so you can then turn it to the back and whip it down. If you want me to make the binding (you provide the fabric) and attach it to the front and finish it on the back, I will charge 20 cents per linear inch.
Back Construction
I will charge $20.00 for the construction of the backing with the fabric that you provide. Also if the back is constructed but not pressed, ready to go, I will charge $20.00 to press the seams and folds in order to have it ready for quilting.
Basting Services
I will charge .0075 cents per square inch to baste your quilt at 3 inch intervals. This is for those who want to hand quilt their own quilt but want to have it basted.
Preparation Work/Repair
If any seams need to be repaired on a quilt brought in for quilting, I will charge $2.00 per seam.
How to prepare your quilt for shipping
Press the quilt top and make sure all the seams are pressed. Make sure the corners are squared up and straight on the sides. Clip any loose threads. Check seams to make sure they are secure. Mark with a note and safety pin as to which is the top of the quilt unless it is obvious. If there is a difference on the backing, also mark the top of the backing. On the backing, make sure to trim off the selvedges and press. The backing needs to be at least 6" longer and wider than the top on all sides. The batting should be the size of the backing. Do not pin or baste anything, leave the top, batting and backing flat and separate. When mailing the quilt, place everything in a plastic bag to keep it water and dust free during delivery. What to include with the quilt: The pattern you want quilted on the quilt, the thread color, the type of batting if you want me to supply it, instructions on whether or not you want me to do the binding, your name, address, email address, and phone number including your area code. It is a good idea to insure the quilt when mailing it to me as I am not responsible for items lost in the mail.
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